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  • Bringing women closer to God
  • woman studying the Bible
  • Helping single women and men locate their God-given husbands
  • Sensitizing youths about HIV and STDs.
  • Taking care of neglected orphans and women
  • Counseling and assisting sexually, mentally, physically and emotionally abused girls
  • Keeping the girl child in school

Welcome to Virtuous Women Forum

Vivian-Nchako-TataA lot of women and young girls do not know why God created them. Young girls grow into women without knowing what it entails to be the latter. Most of them literarily go off the tangent when confronted with the new challenges ushered in by womanhood and before they know it their situation has become beyond human redemption. As beings crafted in the image of the most High God we have a reason to be here, especially, we women – givers of life – who wear the mantle of assisting our male companions in the accomplishment of their terrestrial missions while invariably accomplishing ours. In a world rife with debauchery where it is a real daunting task for women to spot moral role models that are paragons of virtue, in the exhaustive sense of the adjective, it becomes mandatory for us to step in to salvage the situation. Women, as they spin their wheels through life’s labyrinth should aspire to be tagged as good daughters, sisters, aunts, mothers, or wives. Come to think of it, they are thousands of unmarried girls out there who want a man to call husband, but hardly do they succeed to land on the right fiancé. The exponential rate of marriage flops we witness nowadays bears eloquent testimony to the dysfunction of this God-ordained institution.

Discordance is just the tip of the iceberg of the plethora of issues that undermine marital bliss. While there are thousands of femmes fatales out there whose caprices can be entertained by men who yearn to satiate their lust, there are very few genuine wife materials. Most girls become sexually active too early and get unwanted pregnancies, attempting all sorts of exploits to raise their kids as single mothers and these kids invariably end up as street children and indulge in prostitution, armed robbery and other forms of vice. Furthermore, the high prevalence rate of sexually transmitted diseases and HIV among the youth keeps on increasing by the minute. Our main mission at VWI is to empower the womenfolk, morally, spiritually, economically, financially, socially etc…in order to build a healthy home – the quintessence of a more enlightened earth. We love you and care about your wellbeing, so do not hesitate to drop us a line. We know God has a better plan for you.

Vivian Nchako Tata